A minimal project/task planner for TW5


Plan Projects with tasks
Track todos elegantly

'Kārya' or 'कार्य' means task in Hindi.

I made Karya to suit my workflow, a complement to my bullet journal. Simply, it takes care of tracking projects and stays out of the way otherwise.

It works beautifully for my needs - it might be useful to you (or not)

-Adithya (https://adithyab.in)

How to use

  • Import the plugin from the wiki at https://adithya-badidey.github.io/TW-Karya/wiki.html
    • Drag and drop the plugin into your wiki.
  • Now, if you tag any tiddler as a project , you will see the tasks editor when you edit it.
    • In the tasks editor, you should put a single task on each line. There are three types of entries:
[?] Task in limbo 
[x] Completed Task 
[ ] Active task
  • Once you add any tiddler as a project , you will be able to see the tasks in view mode.
  • The project tiddler will now be visible in the sidebar under the "Projects" tab.
    • Projects are in active state by default and are visible in the "Current" Tab
    • If a project is completed, tag it as done and it will be moved to the "Closed" tab
    • If a project is in limbo, tag it as limbo and it will be moved to the "limbo" tab